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BEACON is proud to offer you complimentary access to GiANT's Ascend Training Program.  Ascend will allow you to take the 5 Voices Assessment and access hundreds of hours of fantastic leadership content -- Free!  Enjoy a complimentary membership by clicking on any of the videos and completing a quick one-time registration.  Beacon's Coaches are GiANT Certified and able to help you and your team unleash even higher levels of training via GiANT's Invincible and Accelerate Leadership Programs. 

Schedule a Free Session to learn more about this unique leadership pathway.

Overcoming Resistance

Organizational Clarity

Go to the Source

Provisional Plan Promise

Who Says You Can't?

Multiplying Magic

Controlling the Controllables

Developing Others

Communication Code

Influence Model

Build the Bridge

The 5 Voices Decision-Making Filters

The Pioneer Voice

The Creative Connector Voice

5 Voices

Performance Diagnostic

Role Clarity

Leader Mindset

Support Challenge Matrix

100X Indicator

Peace Index

Scalable People Development

Challenges of Leading in the Digital Age

The Communication Code

Communicating Vision and Leading Change

Discover Your True Personality

Managing Difficult Conversations

Where Are You Now?

Visual Toolkit

5 Voices Personal Development Plan

Leading Kids While Working from Home

Change Equation Tool

Push / Pull Behaviors

Power of the Medium

Boomerang Effect

Leader Mirror

Intentional Multiplication

Effective Delegation

Tempo Balance Focus

Relational Impact

The Simplicity Triangle

Leading Change

Rules of Team Engagement

The Connector Voice

Creative Pioneer Voice

What Drives Behaviors?

100X Leader Assessment

Leaders Define Culture

The Liberator's Intent: Calling Up, Not Out

Core Process

70/30 Principle

Know Others to Lead Others

Creating Healthy Culture

Leading in a Hybrid Work Environment

Liberator Podcast

Leader Insights

5 Gears Masterclass

Team Exercises

Managing Stress

5 Voices Rules of Engagement

5 Voices Assessment

Redefining Women's Liberation

Clarity Tool


Discretion & Discipline

The Responsive Person

Investing Time

Effective Learning

Pit of Despair

5 Gears


Pass the Baton

Communicating Vision

5 Voices Dynamics

The Guardian Voice

The Nurturer Voice

Active Listening Audit

Expectations Scale

Maximizing Team Performance

5 Circles of Influence

Know Yourself to Lead Yourself

The Hope Meter

The Core

Engagement Bell Curve

The Art of Emotional Agility

Liberating Voices

The 16 Personality Types

5 Gears Live

How do I...

The 100X Leader

5 Voices Weapon Systems

Transitions Journey

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