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Team Exercises

Team Exercises


Use these exercises with your team to deepen your ability to work together.

  • How to Process Learning - Learn the CORE process.

  • Bringing out the Best in Each Other - Take your team to the next level of leadership.

  • How to Become Self-Aware as a Team - Learn how you can strengthen your current reality as a team.

  • What is it like on the other side of me? Ask the hard questions to grow.

  • Provisional, Plan, Promise - Learn how to grow influence.

  • Discretion & Discipline - How to not undermine your infuence.

  • Power of the Medium - How you bring challenge as a team matters.

  • Organizing Your Tasks - Learn how to do time management together.

  • Eliminating Drama and Gossip - Learn a tool to change the culture of your team and organization.

  • Increasing Your Productivity - Learn how the 5 Gears can increase your productivity as a group.

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