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5 Voices Assessment

Better understand yourself and your own strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and values.  Know yourself so you can lead yourself.
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The 5 Voices Assessment will give you insights into your Leadership Voice, communicate more effectively with others, and build stronger relationships.

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Champion of people, rational harmony and values


Champion of future ideas, innovation and organizational integrity


Champion of due diligence, resources, and efficient systems and processes


Champion of relational networks, collaboration, and effective communication


Champion of strategic vision, results-focused, and problem solving

After completing the assessment you will:

Learn your Leadership Voice order to become more self-aware as a leader.  You'll also gain insights from the Pro Results Report which includes advanced insights about:

  • your specific personality

  • challenges,growth opportunities

  • stress & triggers

  • getting healthy

  • connecting with others

  • decision making

  • information processing

  • rules of engagement

  • and more

The 5 Voices Assessment and Pro-Results Report is available with a subscription to GiANT OS Pro for only $10 per month (or $100 per year)

Besides 5 Voices, you'll unlock a robust library of leadership training and other performance improving assessments.  Get started for free today.

Pro Results Sample

View a Pro Results Sample
Download the
5 Voices Pro Results Sample

Click here to download the 5 Voices Pro Results Sample

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