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Becoming an inspiring leader starts with understanding yourself and getting essential feedback. That’s why Beacon offers assessment or self-discovery tools across all our learning experiences. This critical insight can be gathered and presented in various ways and our assessments and reflective experiences come in many shapes and sizes. The critical point is that self-insight and input from others play a critical role in adult learning. 

Beacon Leadership assessments are invaluable tools that provide a comprehensive understanding of an individual's leadership capabilities and potential. These assessments offer a structured and objective framework to evaluate key leadership traits, such as communication skills, adaptability, decision-making, and emotional intelligence. By gauging an individual's strengths and areas for growth, our assessments will enable your organization to make informed decisions regarding talent development, succession planning, and team composition.


Our customizable and industry leading assortment of assessments foster self-awareness and personal growth for leaders, encouraging them to continuously refine their skills and embrace lifelong learning. Utilizing the appropriate, leadership assessment will contribute to the cultivation of effective and dynamic leadership, leading to improved team performance, organizational success, and a positive work culture.

Team Performance

All problems are rooted in one of five key leadership areas

Diagnose each area of your team to understand your strengths and weaknesses, as well as identify your areas for improvement. Failure in any of these undermines both performance and resilience: communication, relationships, alignment, execution and capacity.

5 Voices

Know yourself so you can lead yourself

Based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the 5 Voices Assessment will give you insights into your Leadership Voice, communicate more effectively with others, and build stronger relationships.

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TruScore 360

Measure performance that matters most

Personalized quantitative assessments based on organizational role will allow your leaders and individual contributors to receive confidential feedback based on core metrics.  Insights are analyzed and debriefed by a certified TruScore & ICF Coach.

Leading with Heart 360

Heart-based leaders make all the difference

The Leading With Heart 360TM (LwH-360TM) is based on the five tenets of Leading with Heart -- Purposeful, Engaged, Understanding, Empathetic, Humble.  This assessment will reveal how your head helps you make decisions but your heart guides you how to carry out those decisions.


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