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Personal Coaching Conversation

Just like a professional athlete, if you want to keep getting better, you need someone on your side who knows the drills that will increase your strength and skill. You need someone who will push you to be better than you ever thought you could be. You need a coach.

A Powerful Partner In Your Leadership Success

There was a time when it was a stigma to have a coach. Now it’s an indication that you are serious about being your best.  This is especially true as more and more leaders have discovered the power of having a coach beside them. It’s become a signal that you are proactive and willing to invest in yourself; you know you have greater potential and want to make the most of it.

A Beacon executive coach will help you reclaim balance, prepare for a critical interview, find your next job, expand on your vision and support you on your journey to other important goals you’ve set for yourself.  As a partner in your leadership success, your Beacon coach will nudge you out of your comfort zone and give you straight feedback without worrying about whether or not you like it.

What happens if you said “yes” to having a coach?  Here's what you can expect:
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 First, you'll deep dive into your own tendencies.  After all, you can't lead others until you learn to lead yourself.  And you can't lead yourself until you understand how nature, nurture, and choices have shaped your tendencies. 


Your coach will guide you through discovering your leadership voice where you'll discern whether you tend to be future or present oriented, or whether you make decisions by considering  people & values or systems & logic.

If you hope to go further in your leadership journey, you must first know where you are.  Whether you are just starting out or are well into the autumn of your life, you can assess where you are by looking at your work, play, love, and health meters. 

Think of these metrics as fuel tanks that impact everything you do.  Your coach will help you understand the fullness of your tank and help you identify areas that may need to be addressed in order to achieve the optimal version of your life.

Self-aware and intentional leaders understand which areas of their lives are either contributing to or negatively impacting how they feel.

During each session with your Beacon coach you will assess how purpose, place, provision, physical health, and people may be contributing to challenges you may be experiencing.

When you identify the key area usually that influences you more than others, you and your coach will deep dive into issues that may be keeping you from being 100% healthy.

Got challenges you are dealing with?  We all do! 

Your Beacon coach will  help you clarify the facts surrounding your challenge (Call It), help you see your role in the situation (Own It), develop an appropriate response to deal with the challenge (Respond), and then hold you accountable to follow through on your plan (Execute).

Watch a Sample Coaching Session
Are you ready for a personal coach?  First ask yourself these questions.
  1. What’s at stake if you don’t improve?   What do you stand to lose or gain?  Why should you invest the time and energy it will take?  What’s the higher level you hope to achieve as a leader of yourself and others? 

  2. Are you prepared to do the work before each session by asking yourself:
       - What have I accomplished since my last coaching session?
       - What did I intend to accomplish but didn’t get done since our last session?
       - What leadership challenge am I facing right now?
       - What topic or issue do I want to address in this coaching session?
       - What do I need to get the most value out of this session?

  3.  Are you committed to follow through?  Once you make a promise to yourself will you do it—no excuses, no whining?  Your Beacon coach will hold you 100% accountable. This is the gold of the coaching relationship. An external source of accountability is often the motivator we all need to do the really hard things.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How often and for how long will I meet with my coach?
    Expect to meet with your Beacon coach for one hour once every two weeks.  

  2. Will I meet in-person or online with my coach?
    Coaching sessions are generally done virtually via Zoom.  As COVID restrictions relax, in-person sessions will be again be offered whenever possible.

  3. Are Beacon coaches expensive?
    Working with a Beacon coach is an affordable investment in yourself and those you influence.  Each month you'll receive:
         - Two one-hour private coaching sessions (one every two weeks)
         - The GiANT Sherpa online self-paced training course
         - The GiANT Invincible platform where you and your coach will track your progress
         - Assessment tools and resources that will help you get 100% healthy so you can better help others

  4. Can I try it out coaching before committing?
    Yes!  You can try one month of Beacon Coaching with no obligation.   Our clients rave about the progress they achieve but you may cancel at any time if you are not 100% satisfied.


You can't give what you don't possess so connect today and become the best version of yourself with personal coaching from Beacon Leadership.
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