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Coaching for Learning

Empower your people to turn ‘workshop’ learnings into workplace behaviors with coaching for individual learners.

Coaching to Integrate learning is a powerful compliment to a learning initiative. Pairing your learners with an expert coach deepens their understanding of new material and makes new behaviors a part of their leadership style. It works because your people have a safe environment to practice what they’ve learned—a place where they can share challenges and brainstorm solutions.

Coaching to Integrate Learning Program includes two+ months of biweekly coaching per learner, focusing on learning reinforcement and real-world application. It’s an offering that creates inspired leaders and brings lasting benefits to your business. We can also deliver coaching for learners in small groups that support and inspire each other with the help of expert guidance from a coach.

Coaching that supports learning is tied to common learning objectives and is designed for leaders or individual contributors going through a common leadership learning experience. This coaching is targeted to accelerate learning, helping people apply new skills linked to the learning objectives. The Beacon Coach is an expert in content and guides learners toward skill mastery.

To support a learning program, coaching will help people remember what they have learned and apply insights to improve performance.  This package includes:

Professional Coaching

  • 3 months of coaching for learning.  At Beacon Leadership we offer relationships, not sessions.  Most clients utilize between 1 to 3 sessions per month but learners may meet with their coach as often as necessary to achieve their goals.

  • Meeting with HR Business Partner, coach & coachee.

  • Optional group session(s) with groups of learners from the same organization.

Beacon Leadership Coaching for Learning is only $300 per month. 
Get started today or schedule a chat for group pricing or to discuss more details. 
  • Coaching for Learning

    Every month
    Valid for 3 months+ 30 day free trial
    • Monthly Payment
  • Coaching for Learning

    Valid for 3 months
    • One-Time Payment
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