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Experienced / Mid-Level Leader Coaching

Ideal for mid-level leaders in transition, moving into more senior roles, experiencing a change in scope, and developing targeted needs. Helps leaders achieve personal and organizational objectives while learning how to draw out the best in their people. Leaders become better communicators, are more efficient and productive, build trust effectively, and manage with accountability, which leads to common culture.

Managers and leaders have access to their Beacon coach for regularly scheduled coaching sessions as well as ad hoc coaching, strategic support, and standard communication channels as needed and desired for the duration of the contract. The Beacon coach supports leader development and growth customized to the needs of the leader. Their coach acts as a thought partner, guide, and sounding board.

This program is most often provided to leaders who have been successful in leading a particular area or team but may either be experiencing a particular challenge or has now been promoted (or being considered for promotion). This package includes:


Executive Coaching

  • 6 months of professional coaching.  At Beacon Leadership we offer relationships, not sessions.  Most clients utilize between 1 to 3 sessions per month but you may meet with your coach as often as necessary to achieve your goals.

  • Two 3-way coach-facilitated meetings with coachee and his/her manager (if desired).

  • Meeting with HR Business Partner, coach & coachee (may be part of above).

  • Mid-point check-in with manager and HR Business Partner (if desired).

  • Individualized Leadership Development Plan (LDP, includes long-term and short-term vision, strengths to leverage, competencies, behavioral objectives, action steps, metrics and expected timelines).

Beacon Leadership Coaching for Experienced / Mid-Level Leaders is only $1,250 per month. 
Get started today or schedule a chat for group pricing or to discuss more details. 
  • Experienced / Mid-Level Leader Coaching

    Every month
    Valid for 6 months
    • Monthly Payment
  • Experienced / Mid-Level Leader Coaching

    Valid for 6 months
    • One-Time Payment
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