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Diversity training to liberate every voice on the team

simple practical tools for a healthy conversation


The DEI Inclusive Leadership Training is designed to equip your team with Practical Tools that elevate your leadership while facilitating healthy and effective DEI conversations.

Each session will teach you a new tool for enhancing your self- awareness, emotional intelligence, and cultural awareness, all of which are key to building the kind of inclusive leadership style that draws out the best in everyone. Each session includes:

  • Tool Video: training you on a new DEI leadership issue and a tool to discuss it

  • Exercise: helping you improve your personal leadership and get 100% healthy

  • Challenge: helping you discuss and understand the perspective of everyone on the team

  • Takeaways: to capture your learning and key insights

  • Quiz: to test your knowledge and keep you accountable for growth



  1. Gain an inclusive leadership toolkit and scalable inclusive coaching framework

  2. Guided DEI conversations and tools that create bridges to various perspectives and at the pace the organization is ready for

  3. Develop how to build influence through DEI culture frameworks

  4. Engage your unconscious bias objectively and create psychological safety to invite others to show up and feel that they belong

Simple + Practical​

Equip your team with simple, practical tools to become inclusive teams worth following

Develop a space for all voices to belong

Create psychological safety among team members

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Increase the productivity of your teams as they learn to engage with DEI in communication, relational trust, alignment, execution, and capacity

Build influence through DEI culture frameworks

Multiply your capacity to lead and create engagement



Guided DEI conversations and tools that create bridges


Team members discover their authentic voice


Engage your unconscious bias objectively

CURE Mindset

Develop a CURE Mindset


Scalable inclusive coaching framework

Healthy Leadership

Create sustainable, healthy leadership behaviors



C.U.R.E. Workshop

CURE stands for Connection, Understanding, Respect, and Empathy. The CURE Workshop helps you set the tone and mindset for the program to be most effective. Practically speaking, it helps you build guardrails into your DEI conversations so you can have effective conversations, celebrate the right things, and keep leaders more accountable to the inclusive leadership journey. This is the key to having healthy and productive working relationships in any diverse workforce.

Sessions 0-7: Foundational Tools for Becoming a Leader Worth Following

• The Peace Index
• Calibrating Support & Challenge
• 5 Circles of Influence: Intentional vs Accidental
• Know Yourself to Lead Yourself
• Who Says You Can't? Inhibition vs. Prohibition
• CORE Process: How to Become More Self-Aware

Sessions 8-15: 5 Voices for Creating a Space for All Voices to Belong

  • The 5 Voices

  • 5 Voices: Leadership Insights

  • 5 Voices: Weapon Systems

  • 5 Voices: Triggers

  • 5 Voices: Rules of Engagement

  • 5 Voices: Liberation Statements

  • CORE Process: Gameplan for the 5 Voices in Life and Work

  • The Core of Your Leadership


Celebration of Learning

Final meeting or call to capture key takeaways and establish next steps for continue growth going forward.

Get Started with

DEI Training is available either as a stand-alone course for $149 or as part of the GiANT OS Pro subscription for $10 per month.
Don't hesitate, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee
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