Experience the benefit of coaching through Beacon's Discover Your Leadership Voice + Coaching Program.    Your 30 day journey will combine insightful on-demand training combined with one-on-one professional coaching to help you apply what you have learned and solve challenges you are experiencing.

Discover Your Leadership Voice Schedule

Week 1:

  • Introduction to 5 Voices

  • Understanding who you really are

  • Unlocking the full potential of your leadership voice

  • What do I bring at best to a team?

Week 2:

  • Where are you not as good as you think you are?

  • How can I liberate others?

  • What happens to me under pressure?

  • How will extreme stress take me out?

Week 3:

  • How do I grow my influence with others?

  • How do I undermine my influence without even knowing?

  • What lies do I believe about myself?

  • How do I stay focused on what I’m best at and why does it matter?

Week 4:

  • How can I take my communication to the next level?

  • How do I improve my time management?

  • How should I recharge?

  • How to deal with conflict

What you can expect in your 30 day challenge?

Each week you will watch approximately 30 minutes of engaging online training that will help you understand yourself at a deeper level.  Then you'll meet with your Beacon Coach for 45 minutes each week to discuss the material you learned and explore how to apply your insights to real challenges you are experiencing.

30 Days of Training + Coaching for only $199