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New managers face a unique set of challenges as they transition from individual contributors to leadership roles. These challenges can be both exciting and daunting, as they require new skills and a different perspective.  Beacon Leadership Academy will help New Managers deal with these common challenges:

  1. Building Effective Relationships: As a new manager, it's essential to establish positive relationships with team members, peers, and superiors. Developing trust and respect is crucial, especially when transitioning from a colleague to a manager.

  2. Managing Former Peers: One of the most significant challenges is managing individuals who were previously peers. This shift in dynamics can create tension, and it's essential to address it with sensitivity, open communication, and clarity about the new roles and expectations.

  3. Delegating and Empowering: New managers often struggle with delegating tasks and empowering team members to take on more responsibility. Learning to trust others and balance delegation with oversight is key to fostering a productive and motivated team.

  4. Effective Communication: Communication skills become even more critical as a manager. Being able to communicate expectations, provide feedback, and keep the team informed is essential for alignment and performance.

  5. Time Management: The transition to management often comes with increased responsibilities. New managers must learn to prioritize tasks, manage their time effectively, and balance their own work with the needs of their team.

  6. Conflict Resolution: Handling conflicts among team members or addressing performance issues can be challenging for new managers. Developing skills in conflict resolution and addressing problems constructively is essential for a healthy work environment.

  7. Setting Clear Expectations: New managers must be able to set clear goals and expectations for their team. Ambiguity can lead to confusion and frustration among team members, so clarity in communication is crucial.

  8. Learning the Business: Understanding the broader organizational context, company goals, and industry trends is essential for making informed decisions as a manager. New managers need to learn about the business and how their team's work fits into the larger picture.

  9. Continuous Learning: Leadership skills require ongoing development. New managers must be open to learning from experience, seeking feedback, and continuously improving their leadership abilities.

  10. Handling Pressure: Management roles often involve high-pressure situations, tight deadlines, and challenging decisions. New managers need to develop resilience and the ability to handle stress while keeping their team motivated.

By recognizing and addressing these challenges, new managers can develop the skills, confidence, and adaptability needed to become effective leaders, leading to their own growth and the success of their teams and organizations.

Beacon Leadership has developed an amazing learning journey for New Managers that combines on-demand training with one-on-one professional coaching.  This unique combination will provide highly practical training with the power of an International Coaching Federation certified coach that will help you better understand the concepts and apply what you have learned to solve real challenges you are experiencing today.

Your Leadership Academy includes a 360 Degree Assessment to provide invaluable feedback from your team that will reveal how you are performing against core leadership dimensions.

Beacon Leadership Academy for
New Managers Curriculum


Objective:  Get to know your own tendencies and what it's like to be on the other side of you.  Based on the MBTI, 5 Voices will help you understand how nature, nurture, and choice makes you who you are today.  To lead others, you must first know yourself and value the differences you'll recognize in others.


5 Voices Assessment

  • Understanding your Voice can help you better understand yourself and your own strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and values.

  • Make better decisions about your career, education, and relationships.

  • Communicate more effectively with others and build stronger relationships.

  • Overcome challenges and difficulties and find ways to cope with stress and difficult situations.

  • Develop a better understanding of other people and their personalities and improve your ability to interact and work with others.


Discover Your Leadership Voice

  • Get an overview of each of the 5 Voices and what makes each one unique.

  • See which Voices are present-oriented and future-oriented, and why it's important to hold space for both perspectives.

  • Identify what each Voice champions and understand their strengths.

  • Learn the challenges and growth opportunities for each Voice.

5 Voices Personal Development Plan

  • Learn to develop each of the different 5 Voices

  • Learn the key barrier for each of the Voices

  • Learn how each Voice can thrive

Voice Order Collection

  • Deepen your understanding of yourself and how to develop and improve your skills and talents.

  • Understand how you prefer to communicate and receive information so you can tailor your communication style to be more effective in the workplace.

  • Get insights into how you make decisions and what factors are most important to you in the decision-making process.

  • Identify your preferred approach to problem-solving, and how you can best collaborate with others to find solutions.

  • Learn how you tend to cope with stress and what strategies may be most effective for you.

Professional Coaching Session #1

What can you expect in your Beacon Leadership Academy experience?

Each month you'll utilize our robust online learning library to complete your assigned coursework or attend live virtual training.  At the end of each month, you'll have a private coaching session with a certified professional coach to establish goals, enforce what you have learned, and apply your insights to achieve your outcomes.

​Most participants complete the program in 15 months.  However, you may customize your journey at a pace that best fits your schedule. 

Participants may complete the Leadership Academy as individuals or you many choose to join as a group to create a learning cohort.  If an organization registers 5 or more individuals to this program, a complimentary group coaching session will be provided every other month to allow your participants to share how they are developing, build a support network, and explore opportunities to benefit the entire organization.

Beacon Leadership Academy for New Managers is only $400 per person per month. 
Get started today or schedule a chat for group pricing or to discuss more details. 
  • Beacon Leadership Academy

    Every month
    For New Managers
    Valid for 15 months+ 30 day free trial
    • Monthly Payment
  • Beacon Leadership Academy

    For New Managers
    Valid for 15 months
    • One-Time Payment
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