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Be the change you wish to see  starting today!

Look around you. It doesn't take long to witness unrest, disruption, and chaos. Violent outbursts and market crashes take their toll. Journalism thrives on breaking news, and social media highlights broken lives. It's tempting to isolate and insulate. We often settle for cynical minds and calloused hearts as a means of coping with the chaos.


Thankfully, there's a proven path to peace. In this course you'll learn to identify your perceived level of peace in five critical areas: Purpose, People, Place, Personal Health, and Provision.

But don't get comfortable or critical—your score is a moving target that changes every day, hour-by-hour, just like life. You need a solid strategy that keeps you grounded and growing, personally and professionally. Get ready to: experience a deeper understanding of the dangerous threats that aim to steal your authentic joy; create a clear game plan to combat chaos and win bigger in work and life; and embody an undeniable peaceful presence in a world that desperately craves hope and healing.

By completing this course you will...

  • Learn the framework to assess your peace level at any given time.

  • Find out which area of life is pulling your peace levels down and create a plan to counter the negativity.

  • Establish a daily regimen to manage your emotions so that others don’t have to manage your emotions.

  • Help others increase their peace at work or at home.

  • Develop inner peace even if there doesn't seem to be any external peace.


  • Introduction

  • Naming the Chaos

  • Assessing Your Peace Index

  • The Importance of Hope

  • Component #1: Purpose

  • Component #2: People

  • Component #3: Place

  • Component #4: Personal Health

  • Component #5: Provision

  • Re-Assessing Your Peace Index

  • Keeping the Peace

  • Your Peace Plan

Watch The Peace Index Introduction
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Included in GiANT OS Pro

The Peace Index course is included in GiANT OS Pro, an all-in-one subscription that gives you access to a huge repository of leadership resources. This includes assessments, online courses, leadership tools, and more. You can use it as an individual, but it's true power is revealed when using it with your team or entire organization.

How long does the course take?

The Peace Index course is 12 sessions.  Besides the 1 hour and 14 minutes of on-demand video training, after each session you will reflect on questions to bring insight and a takeaway to develop an action plan for applying what you have learned.

What does it cost?

Unlock The Peace Index course for only $10.00 per month or $100 per year per if purchased as an annual subscription.


Bundle with coaching

Learn on your own or bundle the course with 2 months of professional coaching for $1,000.  Coaching for Learning includes 2 sessions per month to help you assess your peace index, unlock areas that are keeping you from being optimally healthy and productive, and benefit from a thought-partner to create change that will bring you more peace.


Peace Index Course

$10 per month or
$100 annually

Unlock the Peace Index and an entire library of leadership courses.

Cancel Anytime

Best Results

Peace Index + Coaching Bundle



Combine the Peace Index Course with professional coaching.

Valid for 2 months

Got questions?  Schedule a free chat to learn more about The Peace Index Course and Professional Coaching.

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