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Here's the big idea...

We're all busy and today more than ever it is important that we remain present and productive when there never seems enough time to get everything done. 

The problem is...

As we move through our day we need to be doing the right things at the right time but how do we decide what we should be doing, when we should be doing it, and how to communicate more effectively with those around us?  In a time where we are more social than ever, we are often socially disconnected because we aren't able to effectively manage our work-life balance.

Welcome to the 5 Gears...

This program will give you a system that will change your culture. It will  improve relationships with your family,  your team, and your organization, and  potentially even your community.   It will provide you a common visual and verbal language to help you communicate with others while also training your mind to be in the right gear at the right time. This will help you gain more respect and influence as you improve all of the relationships that comprise your culture while you while also increasing your productivity and emotional health.

5 Gears.png
The Workshops

Session 1:

Getting to your Reality
My Reality
Disconnectivity Inventory

Session 2:

Getting into gear

The 5 Gears

Your Gear Order

Healthy & Unhealthy Gears.

Session 3:

Deep Dive: Gears 1 - 5

Session 4:

Master Your Settings

Right gear, Right Time

Dynamics of Other People

Session 5:


Learning How to Shift

Triggers and Markers

Creating an Action Plan

Session 6:

Present & Productive

Getting Clear, Being Intentional 

Session 7:

Team & Family Culture

Teach Your Organization

Teach Your Family

Session 8:

Leadership Insights: Gears 1 - 5

Get Started with

5 Gears is available as part of the
GiANT OS Pro subscription for $10 per month.

Don't hesitate, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee
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